Fund the Repair of Our

Crumbling Roads & Bridges

Rebuilding and repairing critical infrastructure is vital to the economic health and safety of our county residents. This plan invests $60 million in vital projects throughout the county and removes that cost from property taxpayers.

The cost of these projects will only increase if they are delayed. Improving crumbling county roads, enhancing safety and repairing deteriorating old bridges is a wise investment that saves taxpayers money long term.

Raise Revenue to

Pay Down Debt

The proposal reduces county property taxpayer debt by 50%. Lowering outstanding debt cuts and holds down property taxes by lowering long term costs and strengthening the county’s financial outlook.

Cutting debt by over $65 million is a significant win for county property taxpayers and lowers the cost of government.

Begin Construction on Our

New Expo Center

The proposal will replace the old and costly Brown County Arena with a new Exposition Center that will be largely funded by hotel room taxes already in place.

The existing Arena and Shopko Hall are currently owned by county taxpayers and are in a deteriorating situation that is extremely costly to repair and throws good money after bad. A new Expo Center will deliver significant new county revenue, create hundreds of construction jobs and deliver great value for taxpayers.

Reduce Brown County Residents

Property Taxes

The dramatic reduction in taxpayer debt will provide County Executive Troy Streckenbach and the Brown County Board the ability to deliver over Six Million Dollars in property tax relief.

Delivering property tax relief through smart investment and budgeting will provide critical relief for all Brown County homeowners.

Economic Growth

& Job Creation

Rebuilding our infrastructure, a new Expo Center and other key initiatives will deliver significant job growth and grow our local economy.

All of these key investments are directly linked to economic development that provide benefit for Brown County taxpayers.

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