The Need for a New Expo Center

The Significant Role of
Tourism in our Economy

Brown County is a thriving community which has developed a significant foundation of tourism-based revenue. This is possible through hosting popular attractions and events. Preserving a strong tourism community means developing and maintaining accessible and desirable facilities that will continue to bring large-scale shows and events to the area.

Brown County is looking at the nearly 60-year old Brown County Arena as a necessary project for re-investment and development. This project would ensure our businesses dependent on tourism have a future in the county.

The Negative Impact of an
Out-of-Date Facility

The once state-of-the-art building has now become obsolete and due to it’s current state, is losing events that once brought significant revenue to this community.

More importantly, when looking for a solution to this, it is important to note that the option of “doing nothing” bears costs beyond rebuilding from scratch. These growing costs are tied to ongoing repairs to simply keep the facility operational.

The newly proposed expo center will cost $93 million to construct, but the return on investment will be well worthwhile. Over the course of 10 years, the proposed new expo center is predicted to bring in roughly $130 million in revenue. This figure does not include the added tourism revenue Greater Green Bay will experience in the form of hotel, restaurant, and small business expenses and exposure.

Therefore, to add to the list of costs associated with the “doing nothing” option, the opportunity costs associated with not capitalizing on added tourism from a new facility will cost Brown County even more.

The Funding Plan
Giving the County more than a Building

To fund this new Expo Center, the county has proposed implementing a temporary sales tax increase of 0.5% for 72 months. This raise in sales tax will not only fund this new facility’s development, but it will also:

  • Provide critical funding for infrastructure investments
  • Reduce property taxes
  • Cut the county’s debt (See More Below)

Brown County is ready, and in need, of a great expo center like the one proposed. We need to seize this opportunity while we have it and invest in the future of Brown County for us and future generations. A new expo center will ensure Brown County remains a desirable tourism location where people from across the nation will come to visit. There are big, bold, innovative things happening in the Brown County; let’s make a new expo center one of them.

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Infrastructure Investment
(In Millions of Dollars)

Financial Reality of the Sales Tax, and Why it is better than Borrowing Money

A Comparison


Estimated Cost
Who's Picking up the Bill?
Brown County Residents
Tax Realities
The Tax Levy will increase by $9,734,400
The Tax Rate will Increase by $0.51
Property Tax will Increase by $77.30 on a $150,000 home

Sales Tax

Estimated Cost
Who's Picking up the Bill?
Brown County Residents, Business Visitors, and Tourists
Tax Realities
The Tax Levy will decrease by $5,899,086*
The Tax Rate will decrease by $0.28*
Property Tax will decrease by $46.83 on a $150,000 home*
*By 2023